Best Skateboard Australia

The best Skateboard Australia could possibly be located at a place called theburgerberg. This is located in the central, east zone of the Capital Region of New South Wales, Australia. The burgerberg is basically a small dirt oval which is used for skateboarding. The best Skateboard Australia can be found in this particular location, as there are many similar locations. This particular skateboard area is only about a 2 minute walk from any of the major shopping areas in town, or even in the bushland between aborigines homes – See website

How to Find Best Skateboard Australia

Best SkateBoard australia

It also has its own local supermarket called the Big Bazaar which sells everything you will need to keep your entire stay on the planet fun and entertaining. In addition there is also a place called “The Barnacle Track” which is a fun place to visit for the younger ones in your party to get their daily dose of Vitamin D. If these two places aren’t enough to guarantee you an awesome time you should definitely check out “The Garage”. I think that it is a pretty cool place to hang out with your friends and have a couple beers.

Another great place to visit in the city of Sydney would be the Sydney skateboard park called the Druitt Park. This place is pretty cool because there are tons of kids there skating and they even allow snowboarding. There is also a couple of attractions within the park such as the Sydney Tower Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. My favorite part of this place though would be the Sydney Tower Bridge, which gives a nice scenic view when you are riding up the elevator to go to the top. It is awesome seeing the city of Sydney from so high up.

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