If you are looking for a professional landscape design Melbourne company then look no further than Melbournestudland. Landscape Melbourne is a family-run business, which prides itself on innovation, originality, and producing only the best quality gardens and landscapes. At Melbournestudland we believe that it is our responsibility to the public to provide them with a beautiful garden which they can enjoy and be proud of. We feel that gardens should be a place where people can relax, rejuvenate and escape the pressures of their everyday lives.

Garden Designs With a Swimming Pool

The landscape at Melbournestudland is constantly under development. Our landscape designers are constantly exploring new techniques with the latest technology to come up with new and exciting designs. Our aim is not to replicate other gardens, but to produce a unique, beautiful and modern landscape which will compliment the surrounding environment. Because of this, it is not uncommon to have unusual plants and features being incorporated into our designs.

Many of our landscape consultants are trained and experienced in working with both residential and commercial clients and will often collaborate with architects and designers from both sectors. This ensures that the final product is an original piece, incorporating elements which have been influenced by or combined from other sources. The landscape at Melbournestudland is constantly changing and will incorporate all forms of architecture possible. With our landscape designers there to guide you, we will create a garden that is bespoke to your specifications, taking into consideration the surrounding environment and the surrounding area in which it is situated.

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